Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Que Syrah Syrah


Others already thought of it, therefore it is not the title of my blog.

It really should be called the Wine Fine Ramble as my way of providing a disclaimer should I digress, which I probably will.

But anyway, I find wine endlessly fascinating and new. The more I learn about it, the more I want to know. This learning contains the feeling that I experienced in my younger years upon embarking on my adventures out into the world on my own as a youth, feelings that I thought were long gone, not to be felt again. This carries some meaning considering that I recently hit the landmark age of 40.

I have learned a lot about wine since the days that I was on the cusp of being able to buy wine legally, but fudging a bit. Going down the wine aisle at the Arcata Co-Op was mindblowing and looking back I wish I would have known then what I know now so as to begin my collecting at a place and time when wine was more accessible and affordable than it is in Anchorage, Alaska, the place I call home. As it was, I would try a new wine every time I visited, did not note my favorites and on Friday nights my friends and I would each pick out a bottle for ourselves and go walking around town as we drank from our respective bottles. Ah, youth. Those who know me now will laugh as they now know me as a someone who trys to drink from the ideal glass shaped to enhance the attributes of the chosen wine.

As I find wine endlessly fascinating and have learned a lot about it over the years, I feel it is one of those topics that the more you know about it, you realize how little you know. I plan on continuing my learning process and sharing some of the gems that I find and hopefully furthering your knowledge of this subject, and in turn, I hope that some of you out there will have something to teach me.




  1. oh! i look forward to it!


  2. Are you still drinking the Ripasso?

  3. Hello!

    Elaine's friend here, visiting from the bloggy world. Will love to stop by and check out what you find, and would love to share bloggy tidbits with you (there is a winery blogosphere that I bet would LOVE to work with you, dang what is their name?)

    This will probably hurt worse than nails on a chalkboard, but I am a die-hard Sangria fan and drink a few ounces or so with ice cubes almost every night; call it the cheap Italian in me, but looking forward to seeing what you will post about! Happy blogging!

  4. I believe that there are times and places for Sangria. I used to go and get it by the glass at a place in NYC's Little Italy called Mexican Radio. It is the only way to make red wine refreshing on a hot muggy day. I heard that in Spain they splash it with seltzer water to lighten it up.

  5. the ripasso was excellent, so i drank it. our other sister gave me a gift certificate to the wine loft though, so i was thinking i'd use that to go get more, and then drink that too.

    currently i'm drinking St. Amour Beaujolais, which is a quite pleasant combination to pair with my drapy-necked, rolled cap sleeve off-black t-shirt, bright yellow denim, and black top hat (to bring in a snippet of my blog theme).

    love you!